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Last Version of Zoom Player
« : 30 Ноябрь 2021, 23:20:27 »
Latest version
16.5 / 16.6 Beta 1 (November 29, 2021)
- Bug fixes
New :

* Introducing Charcoal, Zoom Player's new default skin.
Charcoal includes the same layout and functionality as the
previous Onyx default skin but uses more subtle shading and
cleaner elements to better fit with Windows 10's look and feel.

The onyx skin is still shipping with Zoom Player, you can switch
back by opening the skin selection dialog using the "N" keyboard
macro or through the right-click menu.

* It is now possible to play videos from Twitch.tv.

* New "Mark as Seen" media library feature accessible through the
functions menu (toggle the cogwheel, or right-arrow in list mode).
When marking media or entire folders as seen, you will be prompted
to "Mark as seen now" or "Mark as seen archive". Depending on your
choice the marked entries will appear at the start or end of the
play history list.

* New "Select all Unseen" media library feature that selects every
media or folder containing content that exists in the play history.

* New "Select all Seen" media library feature that selects every
media or folder containing content that does not exist in the
play history.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
Settings) that controls whether the Media Library's media scraping
indicator is visible within the path area.
Change :

+ A major redesign of the media library's scraping operation.
Scraping of new content should no longer block thumbnail and
****-data updates for previously scraped content.
This change should help Zoom Player feel more responsive.

+ Rewrote the audio TAG/ID3 scraping code for enhanced efficiency
and reliability.

+ The file ****-data edit window's title now features only the file
name and not the full path.

+ The media library's YouTube Playlist plugin is now more flexible
when parsing YouTube playlist URL structures. YouTube uses
multiple URL structures to present playlists and now the plugin
should support all of them.

+ The "Force the navigation list or thumb view display to full width"
and "Force the navigation list or thumb view to maximum width"
settings now apply to the path area and not only to the media area.
Fixes :

- Fixed a hidden crash that destabilized Zoom Player when closing
the media library while the thumb view was in the process of
smooth scrolling.

- You can no longer open the windowed go to time/chapter editor if
no media is currently playing.

- YouTube has a bug in it's API that can cause duplicate entries to
show when loading more entries. Previously in such cases,
Zoom Player didn't show a thumbnail for a duplicate entry, at
least this bug is fixed, can't do much about YouTube's API bugs.

- The media library's scraping counter did not update if you
exit the folder the current scraping operations were working on
until the screen was updated.

- Stopped the Create Ringtone function from attempting to work with
network streams (it never worked with URLs, but still allowed you
to select the position and fill in details into the save dialog).

- Fixed a rare case where there media library would not respond to
input correctly when playing a movie then exiting to the main
navigation interface and then back to the media library.

- Fixed a few small memory leaks.

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Last Version of Zoom Player
« Ответ #1 : 26 Июнь 2022, 14:01:05 »
Latest version
17 (June 24, 2022)

--- What's new in Zoom Player v17:
* New metadata editor accessible by right-clicking TV and Movie entries in the media library (also available through the functions page and as a mini-menu option). The metadata editor allows you to replace thumbnails and backdrops along with editing the Title, Sort Title, Release date, Rating, Overview, Genre, Tags and Collections.
* New media library filtering by Genre, Tags and Collections. Accessible through the functions menu or by clicking the new "funnel shape" filter icon in the path area. Your filtering choice is remembered on a per-category basis and is stored across sessions (even after exiting Zoom Player).

* New "Sort by Release Date" media library sort option (Only works on scraped media [TV & Movies]).

* New "Sort by Play Date" media library sort option to sort your categories by the most recently played files (or folders containing files that have been played).

* New "Sort by Sort Title" media library sort option (Only works on scraped media [TV & Movies]). This sorting mode allows you to use the ****-data editor to specify an "invisible" custom title that Zoom Player will use for sorting while still displaying the original title. When no sorting title is specified, Zoom Player automatically uses the media's title (if one exists) or file name.

* New "Sort by Star Rating" media library sort option (Only works on scraped media [TV & Movies]). Initially populated with scraped data, you can adjust the Movie/TV Show's star rating using the metadata editor.

* The media library mini-menu has been extended with two new functions you can select : "Filter list" and "Edit metadata".

* The mouse's backward and forward button can now be assigned custom functionality when a navigation interface is visible.

* New ".ISO" drive mounting and playback settings to help automate the process of mounting ISO images and playing their content. An external mounting tool (such as Virtual CloneDrive) is required. Accessible under "Adv. Options / File Format Association / File Extensions." Please note that with this change, it is no longer possible to extract and play ISO files as if they were archives.

* New setting (Adv. Options / Playback) to select the web engine used to render the YouTube IFRAME player, either the old Edge Chakra engine or the newer (and much better quality) Edge Chromium. Please note that that Edge Chromium requires the WebView2 component installed. WebView2 comes pre-installed in Windows 11 and is an optional download for Windows 10. The WebView2 component is available for download directly from Microsoft or using Zoom Player's install center application.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings) that controls whether filtering lists in the media library can use multiple parameters (e.g. "Genre" and "Tag") at the same time.

* YouTube kids URLs should now work with the IFRAME player.

* Added support for YouTube Shorts URL parsing and playback, for example: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/5TTNpKFy_10

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Playlist) to automatically hide the Playlist editor when entering fullscreen mode.

* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Video / Subtitles) that limits the "next subtitle" feature to specified languages. For example to limit the subtitle tracks to Spanish, English and Directory Commentary, you only need to specify "spa;eng;dir" and any subtitle track not containing these values will by skipped when switching to the next subtitle track.

* New "9:16" thumbnail aspect ratio option for media library thumbnails suitable to vertical videos.

* The ".WEBP" image format is now supported when using the internal image decoder.

* New feature that replaces the TV Jukebox thumbnail for the currently playing media with the currently displayed image. This feature is limited to "TV Shows" media library categories and can be triggered through the Alt+Ctrl+"F" keyboard macro and the "fnCaptureScrapedImage" function.

* New "Edit Metadata" option in the media library's functions page for TV and Movie categories.

* New configuration option for TheMovieDB scraping plugin that allows you to select the poster/backdrop/still image sizes.

* New Smart Play profile for the Apple ProRes codecs.

* New "exSetAudioSync" extended function that allows you to set a positive or negative millisecond accurate audio synchronization offset.

+ YouTube media library plugins no longer return a star rating or dislike count since YouTube removed public dislike data.

+ The "Pause playback when minimizing the player window while playing video content" setting is now ignored for live streams with no duration specified as it just caused the stream to close.

+ Disabled the Startup sound if a media was already in the process of loading.

+ The Media Library's function page is now more dynamic, removing entries that may not be useful in some contexts (e.g. using plugins).

+ TheMovieDB scraper plugin will now download movie poster images at full resolution (previously limited to 500x750px). This change means you will see sharper looking posters on 4K displays. This fix requires that you re-scrape movies to download the higher resolution poster images.

+ To prevent longer copy times, when using the Media Library's Cut/Copy/Paste functionality, Performing a "Paste" operation in the root virtual folder of a category containing multiple folders, ZP will now try to paste the file(s) to a folder on the same drive when possible and only use the folder of the currently highlighted entry if no folders in the pasted category are on the same drive.

+ In combination with the new ISO mounting feature, ISO files are now always visible in media library video categories.

+ The YouTube IFRAME player's preferred video quality setting has been removed as YouTube depreciated this feature.

- The YouTube IFRAME player did not function properly in regions using the "," character as a decimal separator.

- Play history features such as "resume playback" and "previous play position on thumbnails" did not function on files with over 128 characters.

- Playing files with over 128 characters in their name created duplicate play history entries.

- Pressing "Stop" twice to perform a Stop/Resume action did not work when using the YouTube IFRAME player.

- When customizing the media library to use full height in combination with the category display set to list mode, using the Up/Down arrows at the Start/End of the category list would not roll-over to the Start/End of the list correctly.

- When the setting to show file extensions in the navigation interfaces was disabled, URLs appeared cropped in the play history fullscreen navigation interface.

- Opening a subtitle file for a playing video when using MadVR as the video renderer could cause the video to appear in a new window.

- Fixed a bug in TV jukebox mode that prevented some file ****-data from displaying when the file name contained Unicode characters.

- Seeking Ahead/Back on YouTube streams using the IFRAME player would reset the play position to 0 if the windows decimal separator was set to something other than ".".

- Restoring last play position for YouTube videos played using the IFRAME player did not function currently on some PCs with a slower internet connection.

- Displaying the current video resolution on the timeline while using the YouTube IFRAME playback engine displayed a fixed value instead of the value returned by the YouTube IFRAME engine.

- The "Open Media Library" button on the Media Library category editor did not function if the category mode was set to view all (prism).

- YouTube channels containing the "&" character in the name would not show the correct channel name under some conditions.

- Fixed a cosmetic bug in the play history dialog that would show the current position with a negative value.

- Edits to the playlist using the playlist editor should now be reflected in the advanced playlist control interface.

- The playing information fullscreen navigation interface was not updating in real time and didn't update at all when playing new SHOUTcast content.

- The "Open Drive" feature broke down for multiple use cases, including using Zoom Player to auto-play a drive.

- The Media Library's "mark as seen:archive" option will now close the currently playing media if it's being archived.

- Under some conditions, pressing the ESC/Menu keys to close the right-click context menu would break some keyboard functionality.

- You could actually click on media library path icons even when they were invisible in the category list.

- When viewing the media library's categories page, you could click above/below the scroll-bar area and it would still affect the scroll position.
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Last Version of Zoom Player
« Ответ #2 : 09 Ноябрь 2022, 21:54:16 »
17.1 (November 9, 2022)

--- What's new in Zoom Player v17.1:

* New "Display unwatched counter on TV Show category folders" setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Thumbnail Cust.) that counts the number of unwatched episodes in "TV Show" categories and displays the count in a corner on the folder's thumbnail.
* Full customization for the TV Show unwatched counter: 1. Size (relative to thumbnail) 2. Margins (relative to Size) 3. Font Color 4. Background Color
* New "Display thumbnail season progression bar" setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Thumbnail Cust.) that shows a season progression bar (similar to the last play position bar) in TV Show category based on the number of watched/unwatched episodes in a folder.
* New "Reset" option in each individual media library filtering mode (Genre, Tag and Collection).
* Two new Pixel Shader scripts you can use with MadVR as the video renderer to flip the video both horizontally and vertically.
+ Filtering the media library will now reset the selected entry to the first item, unless the "Auto-select last viewed file/folder on entering a folder" setting is enabled, in which case the last viewed file or folder is selected automatically.
+ If you previously used a download tracking plugin, you must now re-enable it. Plugins were previously enabled by default which could have caused delays when exiting Zoom Player.
+ Having ZP set to automatically show the media library when opening will no longer show the media library if a media was set to load using the command line.
+ Zoom Player will no longer display the default background image if a media is set to load via command line, removing the slight flicker of the image and slightly speeding up load time.
- Setting Zoom Player to pre-load fullscreen navigation graphics while trying to play a media from command line could cause ZP to freeze.
- When taking a screenshot of the playing video (Alt+F), the generated filename included a wrong position value (just the file name, the image was taken from the correct position).
- The "Stop function closes streaming media (instead of just stopping)" setting was accidentally applied to every playing media and not only live streams.
- Fixed a bug that would break URL links in the active playlist when closing and then re-opening Zoom Player.

Download Zoom Player 17.1
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Last Version of Zoom Player
« Ответ #3 : 30 Август 2023, 20:31:05 »
Latest version
17.2 / 17.5 Beta (August 30, 2023)

    --- What's new in Zoom Player v17.5 beta 1:
    New :

    * Two new settings (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation /
    Customization) that allow you to override the poster image and backdrop
    for Movies and TV show categories.

    The backdrop setting is an easy override, just place a "backdrop.jpg" or
    "fanart.jpg" in the same folder and Zoom Player will use it automatically.

    Updating a movie poster image requires you enable the "Do not use scraped
    image as thumbnail / backdrop" setting for each of the media library's TV
    or Movie categories, otherwise the poster image will still use the scraped
    image (due to image-caching maintaining a copy of the old image) and then
    re-scrape the movie folder.

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Last Version of Zoom Player
« Ответ #4 : 10 Январь 2024, 21:34:12 »
Latest version
18 / 19.0 Beta 1 (January 10, 2024)

    --- What's new in Zoom Player v19 beta 1:

    New :
Спойлер   :
    * Zoom Player has integrated libVLC, the media engine used by the
    VLC media player. This integrating means that several new features
    that were unique to VLC are now available in Zoom Player, leveraging
    the reliability of VLC with Zoom Player's powerful and customizable
    user interface.

    In theory, Zoom Player's default choice of Microsoft's DirectShow
    media engine is superior to libVLC in a lot of ways. DirectShow is
    a lower-level, allowing me to develop unique features that are
    impossible to do with libVLC. At the same time and due to it's
    complexity, there may be cases where libVLC can be more reliable
    than DirectShow.

    By default only BluRay discs play using libVLC due to libVLC's support
    for playing BluRay discs with menus. However, since this is Zoom Player
    you're reading about, the ultimate choice of which engine to use is up
    to you!

    You can enable libVLC specifically for BluRay discs, IPTV streaming,
    media playback (by file extension) and open-ended streaming (by URL,
    for example "youtube") under the new advanced options section (Adv.
    Options / Playback / libVLC).

    To use libVLC you must either install the latest version of the 32bit
    VLC player or install libVLC from the install center (it does not
    conflict with existing VLC installations).

    Most Zoom Player features are compatible with the new media engine:

    - BluRay Playback with Menus!
    Enabled by default, opening a drive, folder or the "index.bdmv" file
    begins BluRay playback. Menus are navigated using the standard navigation
    keys (up/down/left/right Arrows + Enter keys). The same limitation that
    apply to playing BluRay discs in VLC applies when using the libVLC media
    engine in Zoom Player, along with any glitches.

    This means that you must have Java installed for the BluRay menus to work
    and that playing encrypted discs will not work by default. As for the
    glitches, I encountered cases where 4K BluRay videos can freeze and
    verified that the same issue happens in the original VLC player.

    - Aspect Ratio Controls:
    Zoom Player's powerful aspect ratio controls are fully supported.

    - Subtitle Display:
    Other than re-positioning the subtitles on-screen, most of Zoom Player
    subtitle features should work great with libVLC.

    - Add Subtitle Track on Drag & Drop / Add Sub file:
    You can easily add subtitle files by drag & dropping files on
    Zoom Player's window or by opening a subtitle file after the
    video is loaded.

    - Subtitle Synchronization Adjustments:
    You can adjust subtitle synchronization through the standard keyboard
    macros (Alt+Ctrl+"+" and Alt+Ctrl+"-" on the keypad).

    - Color Controls:
    Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue color controls are available.

    - Audio Framework Device Selection:
    libVLC is pretty flexible in it's audio device selection offering three
    different frameworks (MMDevice, DirectSound and WaveOut). Zoom Player
    makes it easy to choose the framework that works best for your PC.

    - Audio Track Selection & Cycle:
    Easily select and cycle between multiple audio tracks.

    - Audio Synchronization Adjustments:
    You can adjust audio synchronization using the standard keyboard macros
    (Shift+"+" and Shift+"-" on the keypad).

    - Virtual Video Editing with BluRay Movies with Menus:
    The scene cut feature that allows you to virtually edit videos should now
    be compatible with BluRay titles with Menus when using libVLC. However,
    this feature has not been heavily tested so please let me know on reddit
    if it's not working as expected.

    - Play History (position, audio track, subtitle track):
    Zoom Player's play history feature which can save and restore the last
    play position, active audio, subtitle tracks and more is fully compatible.

    - Play Rates (fast play, slow motion):
    Fast Play and Slow Motion might even work on more media formats than
    supported by DirectShow, give it a try.

    - Load Embedded Chapters (Bookmarks):
    Using libVLC, Zoom Player can read embedded chapters or bookmarks from
    both media files and BluRay titles.

    - Load External Audio Tracks for playing video:
    Full support for one or more external audio tracks.

    - Play Next Frame:
    The next frame feature is fully supported.

    - Screenshot:
    The screenshot keyboard macro (Alt+"F") is fully compatible with libVLC
    with the exception that the screenshot file format is limited to ".png".

    + And since this is just a beta, there's more to come!

    * New "Pause closes unseekable live stream (otherwise ignored)" setting
    that controls if Zoom Player closes a live stream when pausing or
    if the pause is ignored.

    Previously the hard-coded default was to close the stream, the new
    (configurable) default is to ignore the pause command.

    * New button on the IPTV interface to quickly open the IPTV settings
    page in the advanced options dialog.
    Change :

    + To support chapters (bookmarks) using the VLC Media Engine, I had to
    rewrite nearly all of Zoom Player's code related to managing chapters.
    Please let me know if something broke. As a bonus, you can now use
    emojis and other special Unicode characters in the chapter names.

    + Media chapters with no titles will now show a "no title" title.

    + The IPTV stream list group layout (open/close) is now saved and
    restored even after closing Zoom Player.

    + The Custom Action button's hint when hovering with the mouse now lists
    the assigned function and not just a general "Custom Action".

    + Cleaned up a few of the advanced options dialog pages.
    Fixes :

    - Trying to switch to the next audio track no longer tries to set
    an audio track if there is only one track present (caused muted
    audio for a second or two).

    - Failing to play an IPTV stream will no longer highlight that
    stream as the active stream.

    - You should no longer be able to erase embedded chapter entries
    (it didn't really do anything).

    - Fixed all sorts of goofs that were possible through the chapter editor.

Download Zoom Player 19.0 Beta 1
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